Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friday Mitten Fairy

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Because I heart you
Another online profile
Friday blue mittens

Take the subway, four
War brigadier general
busy underpass

walk up the hill
look right at the busy top
old aqueduct

graffiti, ugly
Old NYU on your right
look behind old building


You, Magdelena
have mittens in heather gray
west side train, horray

Crazy busy place,
made of marble, ugly, gray
exit, and get some air

linger east four treats
miracle on movie street
mitts with man I know

Enter Tractor Feed's
college of grad school learning
Tell man at the desk

Nina made gray mittens
They are for glorious me
hand them over, please


country roads said...

This is the coolest game.

Woodrow said...

Be very thankful
That I am not in New York
I would steal them all

Maggie said...

Mine mine mine!

You would not betray an expat New Yorker her mitteny happiness, would you Woodrow? Wood you?

LizLSB said...

Nina, you should click the link to Charlene's blog on my site. She's a friend and former coworker of mine, who happens to be a cool, intelligent, NY-dwelling, crafty chick like you. I think she even knits. Haha! She isn't a prolific blogger, but I think you would like her sense of humor.

And btw, did you agree to swap mittens for something yummy and homegrown from my garden? If so, I will send my address.

Nina said...

CR, if you were near NYC you could play too. But you need no mittens in Texas, huh?

Woodrow, beautiful haiku. Also please note Maggie's sassy comment to you. Get the homynym joke? HM?

LizB, yes! I will gobble up anything you can send me from your garden and I will be thrilled that it came from you. Color of mittens for you? Would you prefer a cotton blend since it's warmer down there? Or chunky wools?

EmmaL said...

This is so fun! I wish I lived in New York!

Newsy said...

two mittens oh no
I lost one again please help
three mittens next time

Anonymous said...

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