Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday... whatever.

So I thought I had this all figured out. Because I assumed my assumption that Maggie would be in town early today was valid, I popped over to the appointed hiding place early and hid the mittens - which is to say that I placed them in the care of a person who would give them to her if she said the magic password - and before he left work at 6pm.

I then set about doing my job for a little bit because I assumed the second mitten target, a person who lives around here, didn't really need me to perform the mitten drop on a schedule. Then in the middle of the part of the day where I was doing my job, I saw on my insta-scheduler that Panic Hire University would very much like for me to attend a staff meeting and that if I attended, I would not be making that second mitten drop in a timely fashion. At. All.

Then mitten target Maggie, of mitten drop one, Twittered that she was on the train arriving in NYC at 10pm. That meant I had to rehide the mittens for a Saturday mitten quest. About that same time, I realized there was no way I'd get to mitten drop two before mitten target Rick (of mitten drop two) left town for the weekend.

Also there is a tribal-mitten-reciprocal relations custom, and it's obviously very important or it would not be part of the code, but I violated it by not emailing inaugural mitten target Persephone back ALL DAY LONG.

**** insert here: sound of crickets chirping ****

I insert this photo of each right mitten here not to prove any real point - just because, well, I am having some anxiety about the size of the blue mittens. Target Rick said men's size large and that is what I knitted but gosh they look like hockey mitts. The guy down at the local bodega tried them on for me and pronounced them "excellent" but... don't they look a little crazy next to the women's size medium I made for Maggie?

Did you notice how I distracted you from the real issue? Namely that I am a sucky mitten fairy?

And did you notice how, in the blink of an eye, and for no apparent reason, this turned into a needlework blog?


If you hate all this yarn banter, I hope it's a comfort to you that I intend to confine mitten-mania to Fridays. Kind of like how we kept Larry-mania confined to Tuesdays until everyone demanded Larry Wednesdays.

Thank you for reading. (And have a good weekend).


Maggie said...

Oh, my goodness Nina!

So it may have occurred to you, as it did to me, that Penn Station, where trains from Boston arrive at 10 pm, is a mere two blocks from my mitten drop.

So I got off the train, and went straight to said mitten drop, wondering along the way what the "four treats" were. I mean, the Empire State building sure is lovely, and large, but I would only count it as one treat. And there were way more than four street-side food carts along the way.

So I get to Tractor Feed's
"college of grad school learning" and I told the woman at the desk, precisely:

"Nina made gray mittens
They are for glorious me
hand them over, please"

and she stared blankly at me for a few seconds and then said, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

She looked around the lost-and-found, found nothing, and then we left a bright green post-it note for tomorrow's shift that said:
Maggie was here to pick up the mittens which Nina left for her. I will return and try again Saturday.
Thank you!"

Then I went to my friend's house, and was going to write you an e-mail, but first I saw the situation as described in this post.

So, *should* I return to the drop point on Saturday? Or is that all in the past now? Or, since you know my Twitter account and all pretense of anonymity is now lost, will we settle for more practical delivery methods? That would be a shame, but an even worse shame would be for your lovely knitting efforts to go to waste.

Let me know, babe. I depart from Penn at 3:00 pm Sunday.


Maggie said...

oh, and I forgot to mention, I am eating whipped cream cheese on "wheat thins toasted crisps" as I type this. Not a bad combination, but I might have to run to the bodega for saltines...

Maggie said...

and only NOW do I see your most recent Twitter, so I will check the e-mail, Goodness.

I take full responsibility for this situation, as I decided my travel plans so late in the game. Or we could blame the multiple storms for spooking me to the weather.

Also, what is this - no snow down here? We have 12 inches, and you have clean streets? I might stay down a bit longer, at least until t e bruise heals...

PS, this really is the best game ever. Even better now for the added adventure!

The Ferryman said...

That blue one would make an excellent penis cozy for me.

Em said...

haha. . you are so funny Nina! . . .a needlework blog. . haha. . .you make it all interesting!

um. . .a penis cozy?

Jodi said...

Update on the Mitten Maddness '07:

I am here on Maggie's behalf to report that said mittens have been recovered!

The weather held out long enough for us to return to the 'mitten drop', make the pick-up and (after a silent prayer to the train goddess) arrive at Penn Station with an actual five minutes to spare before Maggie's train departed for Beantown.

All is well.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming...

Nina said...

Jodi, Maggie, thank you for hanging in there with this. Tomorrow, I am going to attempt a CLEAN mitten drop and retrieval that leaves no one injured.

Fab, I actually have a pattern for a penis cozy. Interested?