Monday, April 6, 2009

Like father

A while back I met a man in his 60s. Due work circumstances, we spent a day together that long while back, and on that day, his work was easy and mine was not. But side by side we got through the day and then at the end of it, I thanked him for all the encouragement and advice he gave me. As we worked, I noticed the dark, restless quality of his eyes, as if there were a hundred thoughts all beneath the surface despite his calm demeanor. He offered to take me around the block for a coffee or a glass of beer. I declined, thanked him, and went on my way home.

I am going to say something interesting soon. Just keep reading.

So anyway since that day, I have run into him several times on the job and he is affable and gentlemanlike and every time our paths cross, I shake my head and say something to myself that surprises even me: If he were not married, I would make my attraction to him super obvious. Age? Who cares. Obvious psychiatric malady (mine) known in the vernacular as having "daddy issues"? Heh. Who cares. Obvious inappropriateness of the idea even if his wife and entire history simply vaporized?

Internet, if his wife and his whole life history simply vanished, I would brush up on my man attracting behaviors and go get him. I seriously would.

Gross, right?

It's about to get worse. Keep reading.

A while back I met another man. This one still had about him the glow of something I'll just call mid twenties, a certain high energy and stamina. We crossed paths due to work, and we spent a day together. His work was difficult. Mine was easy. But we helped each other through it and at the end of the day we took a walk around the block together. We held hands, despite the impropriety of doing so. (I justified this either because he was unmarried or because I was drunk. Maybe both). On the second lap around the block, someone started talking (probably me) and by the time were around the block three times we had exchanged our utmost saddest stories and due to the liquor and perhaps the howling wind and the desolation of the block at one in the morning, we were both in tears. We got to our various train stations and I rode home in the empty train car congratulating myself for leaving him be despite his apparent "gameness" you know, for whatever happens between unmarried people in a booming metropolis at 1 in the morning. I tried to figure out what about this young man I liked so much.

Reader, I just ran into his father on my way home from the grocery store. I know this because as his father leaned over to give me to customary cheek brush that we all do on the block, I got a good look at his eyes. Dark, restless and absolutely the eyes he had passed to his son.

So there you have it, internet. I broke up with my last boyfriend resigned to live single and celibate forever, and in four years I have been attracted to exactly two men. See above.



ps the flowers are there to perhaps take the edge of your gross out factor. If it didn't work, I am sorry. As it turns out, I am gross, and I am in this case unwilling to hide it. See you tomorrow (maybe).


Catherine said...

I like your love stories and I like the flowers. Thank you. Nice to see ya, happy well wishes and a couple of good toasts to you (and to love, in whatever guise it alights upon us), this evening. <3

Avitable said...

Well, I know you're attracted to me, too, because everybody is. I'm like Casanova. So that's three! And I promise I'm not related to those two. I think.

Daisy said...

No Nina, not gross. Gross would be figuring it out after you'd slept with them.

sybil law said...

Hey - sometimes, the dad is just better than the son. What can you do about it?!
You're not weird or gross - but I do think you need to have some serious fun, and soon! (Also, stay away from Avitable!!)

Kate P said...

I'm not grossed out--it's kind of intriguing, actually. Maybe you're narrowing down what qualities you prefer in men?

P.S. I haven't had a date in over a year. I'm not even sure I've met anybody attractive in the past year, so. . . solidarity hug.

Dagny said...

I find it interesting.

But not gross. Obviously you like the family genes in that one. ;)


LizB said...

I'm with Kate and Dagny; not gross at all and perhaps revealing about what you seeking in a potential mate. Kinda cool actually.