Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sweating in the Oldies

Kate returned from Sweden two days ago.

(I know I made a quasi-promise to post every day while she was gone, but I found myself the accidental participant in a medical experiment that required me to do nothing harder than take a few pills, try with all physical, moral, and spiritual resources applied, NOT to take some other pill, and the observe my behavior carefully to ensure I wouldn't throw myself off the roof. I am out of the woods. Thank you for your concern).

So Kate came home a few days ago; in fact, she came home twenty four hours before I expected her, so I was unprepared with the flowers and wine and fine foods I had planned to have ready for her. She did not seem to notice.

I thought we could use an outing, so I suggested we got to Lord & Taylor and buy work out clothes. Fun, healthy activity, no?


She did not want to go. But if it's work out clothes I want, why not just go through the boxes of old clothing that belonged to her husband and wear his? He doesn't need them anymore. And I need something to sweat in. Fashionable considerations unimportant. So, I, uh, have a box of work out clothing recently belonging to a man who used to live two floors down and who is now dead.

Please someone tell me how to feel about this.



ps Next post I will explain the medical experiment in full detail.


Kate P said...

You didn't provide this as an option but you might want to consider _not_ feeling about this one. Pretend the conversation never happened, and I wish you sale prices on all the good, flattering workout gear at L&T.

Julie said...

Oh dear.

Yeah, I second the above.

sybil law said...

Recycling isn't a bad thing. I guess. :)

Anonymous said...

Feel weird about it. And suggest she donate it to Goodwill or something.

Finn said...

If you need justification to just go ahead and buy workout clothes, remember that if you feel good about how you look you're more likely to actually work out. True story.

Take the clothes to Goodwill. Because... uh... no.

LizB said...

Recycling is great, but as Finn says, that doesn't mean you have to wear the dead guy's clothes; donate them to Goodwill and buy your own hottie workout clothes.