Thursday, July 8, 2010

Help me decide

My brother has pissed me off by suggesting that my running days are over. That I can't handle it anymore. That my knees can't handle it anymore. Blah blah. In response I have decided to jog/walk/crawl, whatever it takes, another marathon.

I want a January marathon to mark my birthday. Top contenders are:

1) Miami Marathon - it's Miami, after all.

2) Carlsbad Marathon - San Diego is perfect weather and terrain.

3) Angel Marathon - Boulder City, NV (never been there - sounds cool).

4) Disney World Marathon - magic kingdom??

5) Ocala Marathon - again, Florida is great for running (crawling, too).

Anyone have an opinion on this? Oh and to be clear, I will stomp my brother on this issue. Nothing pisses me off more than people who don't believe in me.




Mr. Bingley said...

Well, as a fellow Januarian who ran marathons many years ago and whose knees and feet are shot I say Miami. I like Cubans.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Miami or Disney - you would have a blast at the parks after the marathon, plus it won't be overly crowded or too hot. :-)

sybil law said...


Finn said...

Miami is closer to me, but Disney is, well, Disney.

January in Florida is perfect, btw.

Woodrow said...

I'm going to run my first marathon in November. You should do it.

Avitable said...

Disney. You didn't tell me that Disney was an option.

Come to Orlando!

Kate P said...

I'm leaning towards San Diego, but just because I've always wanted to see it myself and would love to hear you describe it.

Jane Gassner said...

San Diego. The weather is NEVER bad in San Diego at Christmas, whereas Florida can be rather dicey. Also, you've spent too much time on the East Coast. You need to visit the West Coast now.

Anonymous said...

The marathon in colorado would require training at altitude. The FLA marathons will be pretty hard on your body if you aren't used to running in the humidity.

The carlsbad marathon is probably going to be your best bet in terms of allowing you to just run and not really worry about how the geographic location affects your performance. Just my .02 cents :)

Anonymous said...

I say Boulder, NV. Go somewhere you have not been before. It'll add that something extra as you stomp your bro AND experience something new.

Anonymous said...

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