Friday, August 24, 2007

Airport Hilarity

I am in the airport. I just drove 6 hours from Pop and Mamacita's to get here and I am pretty sure the rental car company failed to notice the broken tail light that shattered while I was driving the car. Score!


I have been in this airport for a total of 15 minutes and I am on my second drink. Because my flight boards in 10 minutes and I just learned (just learned, just now!) that school starts for the City of New York on MONDAY. Which means I have ZERO days to beat the pavement for part time work when I get back to the city.

Which means I will be broke and tawdry this fall... which means I'll probably toss back another drink before I board the plane back to the shark pit that is New York City.

(I like sharks, as long as they are not biting my ass and the ass of my checking account. I don't like being destitute. It's "freeing" at 22. It's stultifying and moldy and desperate at 37. Theme of blog might go from self involved blah blah blah to penurious self involved blah blah blah. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

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