Thursday, August 2, 2007

Oh Buzzer, where art thou?

A conversation between Buzz and I this afternoon:

Buzz: Hello, sistah.

Nina: Hello, Buzzer.

Buzz: How's it all?

Nina: Good. I am tired. I have a cold. I climb a lot.

Buzz: Climb? Climb what?

Nina: (between sneezes) rock climbs. You know. That thing that I do.

**** long pause ****

Buzz: Yeah.

Nina: Yeah.

Buzz: I was much more comfortable with hiking.

Nina: mmm yeah, but that's not the point. I need a crashpad.

Buzz: WHa???

Nina: For South Carolina. We are going to be there almost two weeks. I will want to boulder."

Buzz: You used to HIKE? What the fuck???

Nina: Climbing is not that dangerous. NOT DANGEROUS if you follow the rules. I am a nelly, and I am not scared.

**** long pause ****

Buzz: Didn't you used to be in a sewing circle? Whatever happened to needle point?

Nina: I have taken up crochet. I still needle point. But I also rock climb, as you know.

Buzz: *feh*

Nina: (silence)*

Buzz: why do you do this to me?

Nina: (silence)**

Buzz: Jesus Christ. I mean, really.

Nina: Almighty. Absolutely,

Buzz: *groooooooaaaaaannnnnn*

Nina: so, we're all set then?

**** long silence ****

Buzz: Yeah. I guess.

Nina: Thanks, man.

Reader, I love my brother. Even if I die tomorrow in a humiliating accident involving a streetcar and a constuction crane and a I (happen) to be wearing no underpants, I will count myself among the fortunate because my brother will love me and defend me from here to the end of whatever rope I happen to climb from. Go see Supajewie's comments if you want to find out more about why.

* sometimes he needs a moment.

** sometimes he needs another moment, God bless him.

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