Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pre-Peru Freak-Out

I hiked Gnose this weekend. And I climbed in the Gunks.

Yesterday I felt a little off, but not exactly sick. Today, I am fully completely totally sick. Sore throat, itchy eyes, popping ears... the whole thing.

I feel so wretched that I had to cancel movie night with Jib - which means that unless I get well by Thursday (when Jib is free once more) there will be NO consequence-free kissing for me until sometime in September.


If I felt better, I'd find the will to complain. Instead, I'll just keep typing.

Here's what I have to do before I leave for Peru:

1) eyebrows threaded
2) haircut
3) laundry
4) mail taxes (oh don't ask, please, please don't ask)
5) gear check (boot check) at EMS
6) mail iPod rebate
7) drop off rent
8) clean out my iTunes folder
9) get my Hep A booster (ew)
10) measure my waist and hips (repeatedly)
11) finish my novel
12) bleach my shower
13) finish my paper on Mosely's "Devil in a Blue Dress"
14) take the German translation exam (what??)
15) register for dissertation hours at Merciful U

The moment I get back from Peru, I fly to Sweet Little College to meet with my boss and attend professional development seminars that will likely cause my brain to liquefy and run out my ears. And that is if it goes well.

Then I will drive my rental car* down to South Carolina, pick up Buzz, Leta, and Liam and drive us all to Pop and Mamacita's for a ten day visit. I am looking forward to that even more than I am looking forward to Peru.

If this post has a purpose (not sure it does) then it is to inform my three readers that I might be a pretty unreliable narrator for the next few weeks. I can blog from afar, yes. But you know, those four days on the Inca Trail might prove tricky. Also, I might have altitude sickness and be gagging and clutching my skull.**

So you might not see me so much in the next few weeks, but don't count me out. I'll be around for a few more days yet, and in a few weeks I'll be back and posting more useless nonsense than even I can now imagine.

* Can I tell you how hard I tried to AVOID renting a car? Damn that Bingo. I don't like driving. It scares me. Also, renting a car is just so damned adult. It feels right up there with subscribing to PornNewsWeekly. Blech.

** Actually such circumstances would provide me with opportunity to complain and Lord knows I snatch those up every chance I get. So you might be hearing from me very often, in reality.


Woodrow said...

Eyebrows threaded? WTF?

I can't wait to see your pics from the Inca Trail. You are going to be sharing pics, right?

Hope you get to feelin' better.

Who am I? said...

Eyebrow threading is the same thing as eyebrow waxing - or it accomplishes the same thing. Instead of using wax, the technician uses two threads and twists them together across your brow line, catching anything that is not helping your eyebrows be perfectly symmetrical.

But that's more than you wanted to know, isn't it?

My camera is loaded with new batteries. I will try to post better pics than you would find on google image search.

I am on Amoxicillin. I feel better-ish, thanks for asking.