Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Suzanne is delivering ****updated****

Hello, internet.

If you've stumbled onto my blog from Suzanne's comment board, you'll find out pretty fast that this is not a pregnancy or IF blog. But happy to have you if you care to click around. Just be warned: I swear a lot. Sorry.

If you don't know Suzanne, she is delivering her QUADs this afternoon. If you are a praying person, now would be an excellent time to toss a Hail Mary or simply a "God, please look out for the Steece's today" into your evening. If you are the non praying type, lift a glass of whatever you've got in honor of Suzanne and Joe and their babies. They've done an amazing job maintaining this pregnancy for 30 weeks and 1 day, and I hope when I grow up I am as good and nice as Joe and Suz are. (They are both in their early 20s. Mmmm guess I better hurry on up with that, huh?)

The Steece quads have arrived. Go give Suz and Joe some love (if that's your thing).

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