Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Check, check

This is an empty post where I say little other than that I am grateful, incredibly grateful that anyone still reads this blog.  I am also grateful that I am not feeling as terrible as I felt this time last year.  Oh! 

I also went to Chicago to visit my darling LAS.  A few pictures from the trip:  

Yes, that is buttercream frosting. Good heavens.

Better, substantive post to come tomorrow. Meantime, have a cookie.




utenzi said...

Cookies with buttercream frosting stuffed between them? Yikes!

Chicago is a great looking city with all those interesting culinary areas to explore. I hope you have a great time there, Ninna.

Neil said...

I'm glad that things are looking better for you. I'm sure those cookies helped.

Avitable said...

Now, when are you coming to Florida, hm?

Finn said...

Mmmm... buttercream.

123Valerie said...

Dear Nina is back!

Well, from the looks of things, you've been back a while, but you are back to me. I am sorry, kitten, that the clouds seemed to have followed you but I know they will soon part.

Thank you for checking in! It's so nice to see your words flowing again.

sybil law said...

Oh, those cookies look so good!!!
Glad you got to take a little trip! :)

LizB said...

You know, you could visit each of your amazing blogfriends, take pictures, and post your adventures on the net. Feel like coming to Atlanta anytime soon? :)

didi said...