Thursday, May 28, 2009


Kate left today for Sweden, which means I am on my own in an enormous house for 12 days. To most people, such circumstances would translate: horray! or party on! or naked time! Bah. I'd rather she had just stayed home. Being on my own means no one to talk to and masses of time I normally spend puttering around with her that I can now spend checking myself for suspicious moles or calculating the number of seconds that have passed since the last time I flossed my teeth. Being alone is not what it is cracked up to be.

Kate left today for Sweden so between 10 and 2 on this fine day, I ran all her errands, which were: drug store, eyeglasses place, hardware store, cleaners, shoe repairman. I did all those things and then somewhere on the west side I got confused about where my train station should be and because I felt in no particular rush to figure it out, I witnessed the following.

Another look:

That is Times Square. With blocks closed for the purpose of allowing people to sit in lawn chairs and just... be.

One person I asked explained that it was a symbol of a deep rooted New York City civility; tourists could come there and be seated and experience Times Square without being run over by bicycle messengers, and oh, the rest of us who will mow down a disoriented Ohioan just for breathing too slowly in that neighborhood. Another bystander claimed it was a conspiracy to keep traffic out of Times Square and that those dirty Republican bastards who run the Mayor's office were to blame. To blame! For lawn chairs!.

One more picture:

In case that is unclear, it is a bicycle adorned stem to stern with Metrocards. Someone must have spent a good deal of money on subway fare before buying a bike. And then had a sense of humor about himself.

Such is New York. And since I will be all alone in it while Kate is gone, you, internet, will be my company. I plan and promise and really do intend to post every day until Kate returns.




Finn said...

God I love New York. I'd love to share it with you.

Avitable said...

You should call me if you're bored. Or chat with me on Google. I'll be your Huckleberry.

sybil law said...

Don't listen to Adam! He'll just ask for naked pics! Haha
Seriously - I am glad you get some alone/ down time. Enjoy it!

Julie said...

That's just plain awesome. Nothing even close to that much fun goes on down here.

Kate P said...

I don't think I would've believed it, if not for your description and photos. I found the visuals in NYC more overwhelming than the New Yorkers, really.

Some suggestions to distract you from checking for moles:

Give yourself a pedicure.
Blast your music.
Make up a new character and a new story about him or her.
Make something really wild with your yarn.

We're (virtually) here for ya. :)

LizB said...

NYC is the world, in a rather large nutshell. Great observations today. :) Love the photos.