Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today I was walking to the Cooper Square Post Office and I was breathing the delicious new summer air and feeling just excellent. I thought it could get no better. But then it did.

About ten paces ahead of me was a kid, black variety, about 14 or 15 years old. T-shirt so big the sleeves ran on past his elbows. He was carrying a big bouquet of flowers - many peonies and roses and daisies. Just excellent.

So I walked about ten paces behind him for a few blocks, and then as happens often in New York, the traffic light stopped us at the corner of 6th and Bowery. There were three of us on the corner: me, kid, and woman, white variety, who had to be 100 years old sporting a sassy straw hat and pulling a wheeled back pack.

Of course, normally when people stop at corners to wait for the light to change, nothing happens between the stranded pedestrians except maybe eaves-dropping or shoe examinations.

This was so much more excellent.

The kid, standing between me and the sassy hat lady, surveyed his enormous bouquet, selected a beautiful, perfect daisy, and handed it to Sassy Hat, and said. "This one is for you, beautiful lady."

Sassy Hat was so delighted. She giggled. She threaded the stem into her hat and strutted across the street with her wheely pack as if she were the most beautiful creature in the world. And it made my day, which was already excellent, much more excellent.

How was your day?



PS I am little bit racist maybe to identify their varieties. I think. Maybe? I can't tell. If I am a little bit racist you can tell me and I won't get mad.


sybil law said...

Not racist - descriptive.
And I LOVE that story. Thanks for sharing!!

Sizzle said...

What an awesome gesture. Love it.

Avitable said...

Wait. Why the fuck didn't YOU get a flower?

Daisy said...

I just adore that kind of thing. (but I'm kinda with Avitable on this one.)

Julie said...

That is most excellent.

Finn said...

Great story... and I vote descriptive.

You didn't get a flower too?

Maggie said...

I'm just happy to hear you say you ere having an excellent day!

ByJane said...

Only in Manhattan....!

LizB said...

We have a consensus; great story, you're just being descriptive, and you deserve random acts of flowers.

Mrs. Who said...

As a deep South resident most of my life, I LOVE reading stories like this about 'cold' NY. People are people, no matter where they are.
And this was hardly racist...I hate we have to even think in those terms.

Catherine said...

I have just sprouted joyous tears reading this little story, and I thank you.

didi said...