Friday, January 15, 2010

Hair place

If you have an iPhone you can post while you are getting your hair done. And if that doesn't convince you to get an iPhone, I am very sorry for you.

Julie tells me I should abandon my flailing redesign efforts, move to wordpress, get my own URL, and rethink the mission statement of the blog. I expect she is correct. After all, it's previous usefulness has exhausted itself. The self destruction is complete. (I am now rebuilding. Watching people rebuild is so boring).

Remember when I said I was going to write a novel? But then never said another word about it?

It turns out that writing a novel is hard, but not in the way I expected it to be. Writing is no problem. All the emotional crap it dredges up is both surprising and, well, weird. Sort if like swimming up hill. Will I post some of it? Meh. Probably.

Have an excellent day. I am headed for the shampoo bowl.


Anonymous said...

I really, really need a haircut. And to move my blog, too.
Have a great day!!

sybil law said...

I am apparently, anonymous.
Makes sense.

Julie said...

You DO need to move my dear. I shall list the reasons privately. Tomorrow. When I'm not drooling.

Catherine said...

Happy to see you!

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

I hear so much about WordPress. Tried it a few years ago and could not figure it out. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kate P said...

You must be writing from your soul, Nina--rock on. (And, uh, keep us posted about a URL move if it happens, please?)

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Lovin Jesus said...

Nina, it sounds like you are in such a deep, black pit. Try to climb out of it and let the son shine in.