Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now this is right

I talked it over with my surviving female relatives and, while noting the opinion of avitable, we agreed that retail lingerie is the right thing for me to do.

Who else but me could appreciate and sympathize with the issues common to those blessed with largesse?

and who can forget this photo??

Jeez I look almost flat chested in that one. Need to find more photos.


Cylithria said...

OORAH you're gonna be a boobie boulderholder barista! woot woot woot!

Damn glad to see you back around wonder woman!

Avitable said...

This may be my favorite post ever written in the history of posts.

Kate P said...

I was slow catching up with your return! Welcome back--can't wait to hear more, especially about your writing.

Well, hey, retail in ANY department can be interesting, and why not work with what you know? ;)

Catherine said...

Boobs are important. Also, new lipstick :*