Saturday, January 15, 2011

So I sold out.

I put ads on this blog. Why? Because I am fairly broke and because anything would help and because I trust that 99% of you come here to read my posts, not look at ads for anti0-aging remedies. (That does NOT mean you shouldn't click on those ads if you like what you see).

Let's see... other happenings... I threw away all the angry fat clothes I accumulated when I was several sizes larger due to extreme stress. Please note that this statement does not imply that I m now a size zero. It merely suggests that I am smaller than a baby rhino and am getting healthier. Take what you can get. I certainly have to.

HMMM. In other news, I joined APOCALYPSE! APOCALYPSE! Facebook this week after years of intense pressure. No, you can't find me on facebook because you don't know my real name. Maybe all this therapy will help me get over my internet anonymity issues and we can all be together, names, faces, and all.
To make up for all my perfidy, here is a picture of me naked. Too bad it does you so little good.

Love, love.


Megan said...

You are lovely, whoever you are. ;)

Avitable said...

Just for you, I'll actually disable the ad-blocking software just for your site so my traffic is registered with your ads. And you do what you gotta do!

However, posting naked pictures is my thing, so you are no longer allowed to do that. Instead, you should email them to me directly for approval first. You beautiful, beautiful woman.