Monday, September 10, 2007

And now for something totally meaningless

Go ahead. Press play. It won't hurt you.

I perfectly understand the criticism The Entire World has leveled at Ms. Spears in the last twelve months. She has screwed up BIG TIME, pretty much every day of the last 365. Remember the panty-free, Paris days? Remember the umbrella-SUV incident? I believe it was just last week she was walking her naked toddler to the pool with a lit cigarette.

This morning, the NYT absolutely crucified her for her performance last night at the VMAs. Most of the comments at IDon'tLikeYouinThatWay.comcall her "fat" and "talentless". And that I am not sure that's fair. Whatever my waist:hip ratio, I will never look that good in hotpants. Ever.

So if this meaning-free post has a point, it is this: yes, Britney has looked better, danced better, sounded better, behaved better - all true. But there is something else worth noticing about this supposed come-back performance: she is visibly nervous, and just trying to get through it without falling on her ass. And who hasn't felt that way at least once in his or her life?

Sure, ok, she wasn't great last night, but she stood up in her hot pants and sparkley bra and did her best. For that, I gotta give the girl a break.

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