Monday, September 24, 2007

Things to be done

Finding myself with a total lack anything to post, I will post my list of things that must be done today.

1) grade 13 papers for the LA111 students
2) grade 5 papers for the LA080 students
3) scan and post reading assignment for LA101 students
4) grade in-class assignments for LA 101 students
5) set up rosters and gradebooks for all students (there are a lot of them this semester - could take a while)
6) finish putting away laundry
7) clean floors
8) finish writing letter to my dad and mail it

The items on the above list that really MUST be done: 1, 2, 3, and 8. The top three are somewhat overdue and that last one is nearly done. I simply have to hand write the letter so that what I have to say to my father does not look like a memo.

If I lived in fantasy land entirely I would also add:

9) go to the gym
10) get eyebrows threaded
11) find social security card and bring it to HR at Panic U
12) mail NC tax return (please don't ask... oh please don't)
13) sort through pile of detritus on the floor and soberly dispose of all items not required for future happiness (as if...)
14) call doctor and explain why I need more magical blue pills (as if...)
15) call other doctor and describe the disaster that is (men... close your eyes) my cycle in the last three months and hear one of two things: "you are getting older" or "you are under a lot of stress". Neither response will prove especially reassuring.

None of these are likely to be addressed until Wednesday - and even then, they barely even rate a maybe. It is more likely that I'll be working items 4-7 on Wednesday. Or doing something else entirely, like pulling my fingernails out with pliers. Or getting a pedicure. You just never know with me, these days.

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mohanalakshmi said...

This list makes me laugh, not at you, but with you because I have one too. It's funny, things like dishes and exercise (even writing) never seem to be as daunting as they do in the five seconds before I start. Once I get in, it's like I've never realized how easy they are. Oh, this is true for all but the exercise.....