Friday, September 21, 2007

Normal (sort of)

I had a long talk with elder brother Buzz today in which we talked about needing to get out of the astonishment/rage/heartbreak phase and start playing ball. I am not sure what that means. Well, I do. I think it might mean not living in a state of shrieking misery and attempt something like normalcy - if not for our own sake, for our dad's. It would not say much about how we were raised (right, in case you didn't know) if we didn't put on a decent show of bearing this loss with some dignity.

To that end, I folded my laundry today (that would be the laundry that I had left unwashed since before I left for Peru) and agreed to meet some girlfriends for a drink. For those of you who know me... I swear that in the case of this particular (supposed) one drink evening, one drink will really mean one, as in uno.

This weekend, more cleaning. Some paper grading. Some climbing. Remember when my blog was about climbing and New York City and silliness? Gosh, that seems a long time ago.

Will post before and after pics of my now filthy yet soon to be clean apartment tomorrow. Climbing pics likely too.

Thank you for reading, (And have a good weekend).

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