Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dig, if you will

The lack of posting.

Have I been busy? Uh huh.

I am getting ready to move and it's arduous. I also have work and a fair amount of to be expected death of father crying to do. I am not complaining. It's normal and in the department of tears, I have a balance fairly large to pay. So I pay some every day. OW.

Today, out of nowhere, someone leaned out of a cab and screamed "FUCK YOU" at me. I did not recognize him. Perhaps he thought I was someone else?

Knitting season is upon us. Who wants mittens?




Daisy said...

Me, me, me! I want mittens!

Happy moving.

Annie said...

Count me in on the mittens :-).
Blessings on your move.

catherine said...

Ooo, mittens! I love mittens, and I also love BLUE SKY colored mittens. A little happy blue sky is sweet during the winter.

I wonder what I can make for you...

Lisa said...

Nice sentiments coming from a cab. WTH?

I will exchange a bracelet for a pair of mittens.

Good luck on moving.

Avitable said...

Maybe it's that guy who propositioned you before but he's still angry.

Tense Teacher said...

I am so sorry that you still haven't had time to properly grieve. You really need to allow yourself to do that, for your own well being.

I'm thinking about you.

Maggie said...

I still love and adore my mittens, and am looking forward to wearing them again. Despite the 90-degree weather and 87% humidity I suffered in NYC this past weekend.

Patrick O'Hannigan said...


Not much call for mittens in North Carolina, but I'll happy make and mail *you* a homemade musical compilation on CD if you find that thought appealing. You can reach me through the profile contact info at The Paragraph Farm.