Thursday, September 11, 2008


I spent about 18 hours total working at my primary job, only to have a student drive me to the airport while I (no kidding) slept in the car on the way. How rude is that? WOW.


I am home and I have another long work day ahead of me tomorrow. My apartment is still filthy, my ass is still too big for my pants and I am still broke. Not much changes around here, you see.

Except this: I have that nagging feeling like i am forgetting something really important. Like something needs doing and I am oblivious. Is it that I didn't post yesterday?

Maybe it's because it's September 11th and I am supposed to be having rememberings and such.

I remember, but I won't tell "My September 11th story" because I am sure other people have better ones. One day, though, I might tell you about the one and only person I knew who died that day and what his death meant to me. Just not today.

What am I forgetting? Darn it.


Em said...

I HATE that feeling. I get it all the time too. I hope you remember what you forgot soon.

sybil law said...

Your toothbrush.
Your underwear.
Did that help?!
Seriously, there is nothing worse than that forgetting feeling.
Hopefully whatever it is is something so stupid it doesn't matter, anyway.
Is it someone's birthday?
I'm trying!