Thursday, September 4, 2008

Teaching and my ass

I know I complain a lot, but I really like my job. Writing, teaching people to write, editing, cutting, pasting, I like it.

Oh and as far as coping goes... I had ice cream cake for dinner last night.

And I swear to Gah my ass is bigger today as a result.

* crunch crunch *




catherine said...

Cheers for meaningful work and love to you, too.

sybil law said...

I thought there was gonna be ass pictures!
Wait - which crunching are you doing?!

Suzanna Catherine said...

Can a package of jelly beans be dinner?

Finn said...

Mmmm... ice cream cake.

P said...

I hate my job and my ass is getting bigger by the second. You win!

Kate P said...

That's the great thing about being a grown-up: Dinner is whatever we say it is.

And cookies for breakfast are O.K., too.

Annie said...

Yum. I want some. I eat weird, crap dinners all the time, even when I am happy :-).