Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uninteresting, certainly

Recently my doctors readjusted my medication. In the upward direction. This is good news because I need less and less of the addictive variety - but the change has the added complication of making me prone to sleep. A lot.

Last night, I went to bed at 10pm and did not awaken until 9am. HM.

At 10am. I fell asleep while reading a book. For teaching purposes - not just for fun. I did not awaken until 2:30pm. And right now, if it not for caffeine, I would be out cold.

Can anyone explain this to me? Well, don't bother. It's the insomnia leaving my person (nothing left to fear, and yet nothing left to hope for) and catch up for all these years I have been a walking psychotic mess.

Or it could be the meds. Or both. Either way, this is what you get from me today: a whole lot of nothing about how very seldom I am conscious these days.

Oh... that and the fact that in the practice of clearing out and packing, I have unearthed several relics of my childhood, things I had thought gone forever. I am thinking to post pictures of them so that you know (as if you didn't) what sort of people my parents were. At any rate, who doesn't love a post including pictures? Of dresses my mother made me when I was 4? And of dolls she made me when I was younger than that? There might be, too, some pictures of quilts: my mother made me several. And of the things my dad left for me? There are some of those, too.




Suzanna Catherine said...

I love other people's pictures! Post lots!

Kate P said...

Oh, don't sell yourself short. Interesting is in the mind of the reader, or something like that.

BTW, I can relate to the falling asleep while reading--I conked out while writing in my journal Sunday night. Nothing like a giant pen gash across the page.

Annie said...

Hey, you wanted to sleep and now you get your wish, go with the flow :-).

Avitable said...

Maybe your body just needs to adjust. Try not to run any forklifts until you've got it under control.

P said...

I would love to see those. Please post them.

Finn said...

Can you switch your dosing time? I take mine before bed. It can help you sleep and keep you more alert during the day.

Em said...

Sweet dreams... sleep is good.

sybil law said...

I definitely want to see some pictures! I love finding old childhood stuff.