Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Those girls

Went out to dinner with my girlfriends (the Africa trip ones) and wouldn't you know... the whole conversation was about what to climb next. Consensus is either Mt. McKinley (waaaa... tough one, but one of the 7 summits) or Mt. Fuji (easier but more exotic).

I am also hearing some mumbling about Everest base camp. Not - mind you - climbing Everest - just climbing to the bottom of it through Nepal. Doing that much is considered a feat all in itself. If I know Sri, soon that mumble will turn into a full on go for it statement.

What is wrong with us? What kind of hobby is this??

Anyway, in two weeks, we are going to a climbing clinic in the Gunks.

My point is... I need to get back in shape and start living like a normal person again. I really do. So if this blog turns into a daily report of all the sweating and crunching I am doing, please humor me. I have gotten fat and filmy in the last two years and since all my parents are gone and no one I know is currently having a major disease, sitting on my ass eating Cheetos and drinking Diet Coke is now inexcusable.

Crunch, crunch.

(Assume that sound is me doing sit ups and not the sound of me eating Doritos). (But also assume that could be a lie. This is the internet, after all).


Avitable said...

Sweating and crunching posts works for me. No, really. Rawr.

Finn said...

Mmmm... Doritos.

Em said...

Go for it, Nina!

catherine said...

Cheering you on. I'll be Googling The Gunks to see what that is/means. That is a sentence I never thought I'd hear myself say.

sybil law said...

I am glad you're getting out and making goals.
But I like reading you no matter what you say. Unless you wrote a post that said, "Sybil, go away!".
Well, I'd still read it, I guess.

nicoleantoinette said...

I think it's a great hobby. You're awesome.

Suzanna Catherine said...

I know it wasn't a poll, but I'd vote for Fuji.

Please keep writing so I can keep reading!

Annie said...

There is nothing better for the soul. Go for it and tell us all about it.

P said...

Look at you all get up and go!