Monday, May 12, 2008

Gear check

Bibi spent $518.33.

Sri spent $477.75.

Nina spent $219.87.

Of course, Nina still has to buy $100 more worth of wind-stopper fleece and a few more layers of whatever, so in the end I will about catch up to Sri. Then we will be basically set for Kilimanjaro. Now all that remains to be done is work out like crazy people, which we did right after we spent all that money. Then we went out and did... guess what we did? Same thing we always do after we work out: had a few drinks. I guess it was different in that we played bar trivia in the meantime.

Guess whose real name is Juan Rodriguez?


See you tomorrow.


Woodrow said...

I'm glad you didn't need my help with that one.

M@ said...

good luck.

Catherine said...

I wonder where he got the 'Alex'.

Effortlessly Average said...

It can't be exactly what you normally do because you didn't flirt shamelessly with the cute guy at the end of the bar. heh