Sunday, May 11, 2008

This week's crimes

1) I drank too much

2) I ate nachos

3) I spent an enormous amount of money on climbing gear

4) I ran into someone with my boob again

5) I flirted with a guy in a bar (see item 1)

6) I thought about making out with the guy in the bar (but did not)

7) I yelled at my cat (he bit me)

8) I lusted for chocolate (a clear sign of dementia)

9) I hated my students

10) I didn't call my step-mother today

Pray for me. Gracias.


Em said...

1)yum 2)yum 4)yum 5)yum 8)yum

Kate P said...

(You don't hate your students--you hate the stupid-ass things they e-mail you.) You'll be in my prayers. And if yelling at cats is a crime, lock me up. Tonight I broke up a fight at my parents' house between the senior cat and the former stray who keeps getting in her face. You can't explain to a cat that stalking does not equal showing affection, so yelling is a necessary evil.

Effortlessly Average said...

So was the guy at the bar the one you smacked with your boob? heh

Annie said...

Not so bad, I think you had a pretty good wek crime wise :-).

Finn said...

After reading your last post, I don't blame you for drinking. Or wanting to kiss cute guys.

utenzi said...

You need to strap those things down before you kill someone, Nina. As for your cat, bite him back. They learn quickly when you do that.

Maggie said...

Utenzi! I bite my cat too, a nibble on her ear whenever she bites me -- and if I can grab her before she wiggles away. Someone told me this is how mother cats teach the babies the difference between playing and fighting. But I don't know, maybe she's just dumb, because she still bites.