Saturday, May 31, 2008

Whole lot of nothin'

I worked out. Like a crazy person. Then I ate cheese and had a beer.

Oh well.

I don't suppose I can create a whole blog post around my fattitude, my apathy, and my fatigue, so I leave you with this one question:

What is the one thing you want to do more than any other? And why aren't you doing it?

See you tomorrow.


Rick(y) said...

One thing? Just one thing? I'd like to draw a few Graphic Novels, write and perform music (that I like), and to get myself into the shape I was when I could truthfully call myself a martial artist.

a)I'm still learning and next week I'm starting a couple of illustration/comics classes to get myself in artistic shape for the books.. so, I guess I am doing that one.

b)I can't stand the music I try to write and so I don't, leaving me with very little songwriting/performance experience and no confidence at writing songs I like. I'm working on it.

c)I have no excuse. I have all the time in the world to do this and I don't. It'd be easier if I had someone there with me, though, I don't need it.

Annie said...

Like rick(y) I have more than one, but I will pick the one that stands out:TRAVEL
There are several reasons, lack of money, lack of time off from work and four animals that I have not been able to find a good sitter for.
Where would I go first? That is a toss up between Paris and some island somewhere nice.

Ki said...

I would like study theology for ministery. I'm not doing it because I believe that my duty to my children trumps it . . . for now. But they do turn 18! Woot!

LizB said...

Like Ki, I want to go back to school. If I finish my master's degree, I will make more money teaching. Money is always a factor, but I think sloth is an issue too. :/

P said...

I want to find a career I love. That's not happening because of apathy, mental sloth, and a whole lotta confusion.

Finn said...

Make a living as a fiction author. Why am I not doing it? Because when I have time to write for me, I'm too wiped out. And when I'm not wiped out, I don't have time.

Kate P said...

Be a published, successful author, and be able to do it full time. The biggest reason I haven't is because (1) I've needed time and the frame of mind to do it/commitment, and (2) I've been doing something else to buy the cat food until it happens (thereby canceling #1). But I'm hoping the career change will ease #2 and facilitate #1.

Runner-up: Be married and have a family. I can't explain that one, though.

Effortlessly Average said...

The one thing I want is to hear from someone I care about.

Why aren't I doing it? I've been trying, but it's not all up to me, is it?

123V said...

Because "Loafed around, drank whiskey and ate Cheetos" just doesn't look very good on a resume.