Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sin of the Week, 6/01/08

I don't want to say exactly how careless I was about calculating grades this week because if I explained it in any detail, you would be disappointed in me. A lot.

Let's just say that tomorrow morning, I have to do grade changes for two people I calculated completely wrong for. That's what happens when I am furiously running a calculator half an hour before grades are due. Dammit.

Other noteworthy bad behavior: I forgot Sri's birthday (horror) and instead of going out with my friends last night, like any good, well-adjusted person would do, I stayed home and ordered gear for the trip - gear I can't afford for a trip I very likely will never take. Is that sin? Or just stupidity?

I worked out like a crazy person both yesterday and today, so I am going to recline and eat peanut butter for the rest of the afternoon.

Have a good Sunday.


Annie said...

Hey, not so bad. Given the amount of stress you have been under. You will use that gear someday, even if you don't go on this trip...Big hug.

Julie said...

I agree. It will be put to use one day, maybe even soon.

Kate P said...

Is it a sin to think that being well-adjusted is overrated?

Anonymous said...

I do the same out like a maniac and then eat a jar of peanut butter. I hope you do get to go on your trip.

Dagny said...

Yep, I agree. You will use it.

And I hope you had a good day.


Finn said...

Ah... small stuff. You'll use the gear eventually. Or you could just wear it around the city. Start a trend.