Thursday, June 19, 2008

Three things

There are three things in the world that everyone else likes and I don't. My dislike ranges from apathy to disgust, and I feel that I am all alone in the world when people start rhapsodizing over the greatness of the following:

1) Shakespeare.

That's right: horror of horrors, I don't like Shakespeare. The plays are good and the sonnets are nice, but I do not see what all the fuss is about. Good is good, but... come on. Is it really that good?? Is it really all that?? Nah. I don't think so, anyway.

2) The Beatles.

No, thanks. Hey Jude is kind of nice. But the song about holding your hand? Ugh... no mas, no mas! I don't like the Beatles. I get that they are good and I get why they are good, but I am not into the Beatles. At all.

3) The Beach Boys.

Wouldn't it be nice if they never, ever made that record? I hate it. Every bar of it. Oh wait! I think there is a bit of instrumental something or other that I don't hate. But good Lord, what is the fuss about? I am not even willing to concede that The Beach Boys are good, as in the case of Shakespeare and The Beatles. The Beach Boys are just not good. The End.

So tell me why I am wrong about these cultural phenomena.

Or tell me what everyone likes that you could do without.

Happy Thursday.


Catherine said...

People like caramel, mustard, cilantro, cherry pie filling, pineapple, candy that isn't chocolate (including milk chocolate, an insult to chocolate and waste of perfectly good milk), capers, pine nuts, bell peppers and chiles, peaches, bacon, syrup, hummus and vinaigrette dressing.

I don't like any of those things in the least, with the exception of salt water taffy.

I was shocked when I found myself liking honey mustard dressing, so it turns out I'll actually eat mustard, as long as it is in sweet disguise.

Avitable said...

I'm with you on all three of those!

Em said...

I don't really have a problem with any of those 3 things but I don't love them enough to tell you why you shouldn't hate them.

And this is sort of the answering the opposite of your question but I love, love, love salty carmel ice cream and nobody I know can understand why.

Annie said...

Okay I am with you on the Beach boys, even though I kind of liked them when I was little. The Beatles I can see, even though I loved them (I was six when they got famous)some of the songs are lame, but John Lennon is a love of mine. However, Shakespeare I have to defend. I get that he is difficult, but he was a spiritual leader for me and had ideas that were way before his time. He is a hero to me, but you either like him or you don't. Now for things I hated that others liked: Dan Brown and his book, the name escapes me :-). Seafood, almost all of it.
American Idol.

Joel said...

I'm with you on two out of three. I do enjoy Shakespeare, although I don't have a shrine to him set up on my bookshelf or anything. But my oldest daughter and I used to use his plays for bedtime stories when she was about 8 or 9. We'd read parts back and forth scene by scene. She learned to read him and the King James Bible the same way a bumblebee is said to fly - nobody ever told it it couldn't.

But I wholeheartedly agree that the Beatles and the Beach Boys are overrated in the extreme.

Finn said...

I agree with you on The Beach Boys, I like several of The Beatles' songs but don't get all the hype and I adore Shakes because he was a dirty, dirty boy.

Mari said...

Good lord Nina! It's like we were separated at birth! Scary.
There have been so many times in my life where I just bit my tongue... Yellow Submarine? Feet down below his knees?? WTF?!
Angst is all Shakespeare is... if I want angst I'll watch Oprah.
Cheesy 80's love songs - yes! (Pina Colada song! you are sooo hearing it your head right now!) Beach Boys? Ummm, yuck.
I just love you in a stalkerish way right now. If you weren't so far away. And I wasn't so into men.

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

What Finn said. I love my sick, twisted Will.

Julie said...

My son, who is nine likes the Beach Boys. I've never quite understood it. He goes from Nickelback to the Beach Boys...what can I say?!

sybil law said...

I liked the Beatles a LOT in high school, but now I can barely listen to them. I love the Rolling Stones, though. I actually like Shakespeare, but mostly because for his time, he was writing some wicked soap opera shit (and I don't like soap operas, but you get what I mean...) But I freaking HATE the Beach Boys.
I also hate American idol. It's fun in the beginning when horrible, crazy people are trying out - after that, it just sucks, IMO.

Kate P said...

Shakespeare is probably not for everyone, but you'd be surprised how many expressions we use to this day came from his works.

Beatles--I don't love it all and I have to be in the mood for what I do like.

And the Beach Boys? I kind of like them, but I did NOT understand what everybody was so psyched about on that Full House episode.

Anonymous said...

Agreed - Screw the Beatles. I don't much listen to the Beach Boys either, but the occasional song brings back memories of softball practice, as that's what my aunt always listened to on the way there. But Super Bill? He understood human motivation better than any writer I have read since. Besides that, he was the original gutter brain of literature... How can you not love that?!