Friday, June 27, 2008

You and me

Let me talk about us. You and me.

No, no. Stop wiggling and rolling your eyes. It's not that kind of talk.

When I think of you and me, I think of an old married couple, sitting in a good restaurant, calmly eating pasta and drinking red wine - without the need to fill the air-space with witty banter or even polite inquiries into how our day was. We are content to just eat out baked ziti and listen to the faint but beautiful music between us until the meal is over.

Reader, It is that kind of day in our beautiful internet relationship. Today, we nod, smile, eat a little dinner, high five, and go to bed without even making out.

That ok with you? I really hope so.

Oh! It turns out I do have one piece of relevant information to impart before I roll over and go to sleep: Tomorrow, I will be guest posting over at Lisa's because according to her treatment plan for a rare kind of stomach cancer, she is slated to feel terrible tomorrow as the chemo she just endured wreaks its special kind of havoc on her loveliness. Can you tell I have maybe just the tiniest little rage issue on the subject of cancer these days? Yes, I am aware of it. I am trying to work it out. On the internet. So hop over to Lisa's place tomorrow, where I will try not to totally embarrass myself (and her) by talking... stuff. (Hint: I am already pretty sure I am going to say something a little bit racist and definitely something blasphemous. I wonder if she'll ever forgive me).

Have an excellent Friday night. And thank you for reading.


Sturdy Girl said...

Oh I am all too familiar with the rage against cancer. I saw it rear it's ugly head in the middle of a walk for hope, I saw it on a smaller scale in the terminal ward,(here mostly from the patient's people.)

As they say - nothing is more dangerous than a person with nothing left to lose.

You have a right to your anger. It is what you have right now. Embrace it. You can let it go later, but for now - it's yours.

Avitable said...

Go to bed without even a little making out? That's crazy talk.

Jennifer said...

going over to see Lisa's blog now...

i'm sure you will do... or did just fine as a guest blogger.