Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yesterday's events included

1) a train ride
2) a trip to the barber shop
3) two Richard Scarry books
4) a good talk with my dad (who is fine)
5) intermittent shrieking
6) carrying a sleeping three year old to the basement
7) in a dark house
8) listening to AM radio on the generator
9) toasting marshmallows over tea lights
10) scotch with no ice (at least we think that's what it was)

Jesus just arrived at my apartment and he brought me a bottle of liquor and some cheese. He wants to talk about a cease fire and since I am sure he is bored and sweaty, sitting over the by my broken air conditioner in the 100 degree heat, I should probably break out some shot glasses and get to talking.

Does one negotiate terms in cases such as this? Or does a person like me just take what she is offered? I think it's the last one.

I'll tell the whole story tomorrow.


LAS said...

I am very glad your dad is fine. I never knew you could toast a marshmellow over a tea light, or well, I never thought about it, but seriously, I think I am going to do that. I agree, you probably have to take whatever you are offered. I've tried the negotiating and it didn't work.

Julie said...

Negotiating sucks. It really never does work.

Catherine said...

Richard Scarry is the gateway drug. You go from there to Willard Espy, then it's on to Richard Lederer, and I'm telling you, there is no turning back after that point.

DINGO DOGGIE ROCKS. And that car, man. That is still among the hottest cars I've ever seen.

Marshmallows over tealights - that is inspired, sounds like good medicine.

Maggie said...

We used to roast marshmallows over tea lights in class when I was in college. I always had a bag of mallows and a chopstick in my purse. I have no recollection of how this started, but it was fun.

Your dad is fine., Your dad is Fine! Yay! DO not question the miracle -- modern western medicine clearly does not apply to him.

NY was miserable hot yesterday, but then the rain came and it seemed so much cooler. Was it not cooler today? Seemed nice this morning.

Joel said...

I've roasted pepperoni sticks over a candle, back in high school.

I've never had much success negotiating with Jesus. I started out owing Him too much to have any kind of a bargaining position. Easier just to take whatever He offers, since it's the best you're ever gonna get from Him anyway. Saves a lot of wasted stress and candle wax.

Joel said...

I have to ask... by "fine" do you mean an actual miracle, or just better than expected? I don't mean to sound like "Jaw," but I'd like to know what to be thankful for.

Kate P said...

I think when the other party arrives with booze and cheese it's pretty much too late for negotiating. Hope you have some good drinks and good talks.