Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where we at?

Forgive my omission of the linking verb. I am a little light on class and grammatical fortitude today.

Here is where we at:

My dad got out of the hospital two weeks ago yesterday. Since then, his life has been, from what I hear, mostly normal. He has had to take some IV antibiotics, but since they know how to get that done at home, that has been non-event. He is eating, sleeping, playing in the yard, watching movies, and eating fried chicken. If he feels any anxiety regarding his predicted demise, he does not show it.

When I talked to my step mother the other day, she told me a strange thing, but in order for me to relate the strange thing I have to give you two sentence of background: before my dad had leukemia, he had some trifling, non aggressive (but annoying) bladder cancer. He has continued to have that situation monitored despite the fact that he has been supposedly terminal for the last, oh, nine months.

Ok so here is the strange thing: he went in to have the bladder cancer monitored this week and they wanted to do a biopsy on something or other in there. (This truly is a who cares type situation since the bladder cancer is such complete bullshit compared to the blood cancer). So they ran some preliminary blood work just to make sure it was sort of marginally safe to do the procedure. And the strange thing is that, uh, the blood work looked pretty good. Obviously, they didn't test for leukemia, since you need to run a leukemia scan to get a reliable result for that issue. However, WHAT? Apparently my dad's platelet and red cell counts were within normal ranges on Wednesday of this last week.

Can someone, anyone, in the medical community propose a scenario that explains any of this - from a scientific point of view?

If you can't, just say some stuff about whatever is on your mind today, and have a fun weekend.


Finn said...

Mind over matter darlin'. Plus, he has so many people out in the blogosphere praying for him.

Have a good weekend!

LAS said...

Wow. That's all I can say. I happen to be someone who believes in miracles. Wow. I'll keep praying, my usual, twice a day, every day.

Annie said...

Srange things happen ALL the time.
Your dad is not the first or last person to have a miracle happen.
Science likes to believe it has all the answers, but there are mysteries we will never understand.
Spirit lives :-). So happy for your

Kate P said...

Medicine must be one of the most confusing subjects to study. . . not to mention practice.

Em said...

Interesting.... is it possible that the levels in the blood just vary from one test to the next? I don't know, man. I certainly hope it is a good thing though. Our minds are powerful things, that's for sure.

Effortlessly Average said...

That would be just freaking me out, Nina. I'd insist on a second or third or whatever opinion until I could get a consensus. Damn.

I hope you're holding in there. I think about you all the time.

ellie said...

Hang in there -- you've got lots of people praying for him, and you.