Monday, June 30, 2008


Out of sheer not-inspiration, I hereby begin the ubiquitous 100 things post that everyone else with a blog has done. I hereby commence.

1) On the ring finger of my right hand, my finger nail hooks. It is the sort of thing you would never notice unless I pointed it out to you, but once you did notice, you'd think it was pretty gross. Why is my finger disfigured? Because when I was two and trying to get out of my high chair, I wiggled so vigorously that I tipped the chair over and the edge of the seat smashed off the tip of my finger. It had to be reattached at the hospital. Aren't you sorry you asked?

2) I worked for Borders Books and Music for almost two years - not because I needed the money, but because it was fun and interesting. How pitiful am I that I worked for basically free because it was sort of fun? Yeah. Exactly.

3) I have not been on a date in over two years, and I have no plans to ever date again. Most people find my way of life strange, at best. Some of my best friends secretly think I am a lesbian. I am not. I am just done experimenting with the idea of getting married and having kids - and dating in and of itself isn't fun enough to do for its own sake. So men are (romantically) invisible to me and life is good.

4) I keep my finger nails short and I don't paint them. When you rock climb, there is no point.

5) I hate hotels. A lot. I would rather sleep in my own bed - or barring that, in my sleeping bag in my own tent. Hotels - even nice ones - gross me out.

6) My bachelor's degree is in English with a writing concentration. My master's degree is also in English with a writing concentration. I am now working (mostly not) on getting my English PhD... with a writing concentration. I am a one trick pony, it seems. There is little else I can do with any effectiveness whatsoever.

7) Oh but I am good with kids. Sort of.

8) I taught myself to cook and I am pretty good at it. For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to know how to make matzo soup, and I have now perfected it. If you are Jewish and you want to challenge me to a matzo soup making contest, go ahead. But you'll lose. Mine is better.

9) I am Catholic. I hasten to add that I am not nearly as good at that as I am at making matzo soup. I make it to church (where I fidget and pick my cuticles) but I also swear a lot and I have a shabby sin-record. I find being Catholic difficult. I hear I am not the only one who has these kinds of difficulties, so I press on.

10) I am one of those annoying people who loves to work out. A day that I don't break a sweat is just not a good day. And by the way, I don't love to work out because I have this idea in my head that if I do it enough, I will look cute in a swimsuit. I do it just because I like it. (Do I look cute in a swimsuit? Probably not. But I could probably kick your ass if you said you didn't think so).

Have a great Monday.

Nina (who has no idea how her dad is because no one has called since Friday)


P said...

What about using men for sex and throwing them away like so much trash? I know a few guys who would quite like that. I could make the introductions...

Julie said...

I guess I should do this damn meme too. Maybe tomorrow.

Avitable said...

Could you kick my ass? Maybe. If my hands were tied with freshly knitted socks.

utenzi said...

90 more to go, Nina

ricki said...

Wow. I thought I was the only woman on the planet who had come to an acceptance of #3.

People who have been married/involved for a while tend to forget what horrors exist in the dating world. It's just not something I could do. I'd actually rather go with a marriage arranged by someone I trusted and who knew me well than to try to find a guy by dating.

Oh, and I totally agree on #5 also. Hate hotels. I'm almost to the point of carrying my own sheets when I travel because the idea of hotel sheets ook me out so much.

Finn said...

Being Catholic IS hard. Too many rules. Far more than other religions. But somehow the confession thing makes up for it. Sort of.

M@ said...

3. What are you doing for hot sex?

4. I made the same mistake on the first and second degrees but won't on the third. I'm thinking I'll add to my writing BA and journalism MA with a Ph.D. in aeronautics?