Saturday, May 17, 2008


One of the main problems with doing so much work is that I have fantasies about freezing the clock - you know - making the world stop so I can run around and catch up. Then when the laundry is folded and put away and the dishes are done and my toenails are painted, I could unfreeze the clock and rejoin the rest of you, who never have these kinds of time management problems.

And this fantasy got me to thinking about time, about how well we use it and how much of it we (I) waste. I have wasted most of the past week recovering from my classes. And feeling guilty that I didn't do a better job at them, in general. And even with more time on my hands, I have been wanting desperately to freeze the clock again, just so I can breathe, sit still, do nothing.

Then I got to thinking some more. In some places, the time goes from one zone to the next - places where you could wake up at 8am and still get to work by 8am because you drive across the time zone line. Or the other way, where you could leave work at 5pm and be home by 4:30. That might be the ideal place for me to run my show. Indiana, right?

If you lived in one of these towns, would you want to live on the later side of line, so you could sleep in? Or would you want to live on the earlier side, so you could get home earlier? Would you still read my blog if you lost an hour because.... never mind. Just keep showing up and I promise that some day soon, I will have something interesting to say.

Happy Saturday.


Annie said...

Nina, I relate. I need about two or more days in a week, then maybe
I could get something done. My toe nails are so overdue :-).

Julie said...

I'd rather wake up later since I don't have to come home.

And I just managed to paint my toenails about a week ago. I have no idea when I found the time, but they're red, so I must have done it at some point.

Dagny said...

I used to fly in and out of another time was strange. I'd get somewhere before I left on the short flights...heh.

Vanessa said...

I once spent a birthday over three time zones (if I include the time we were inside the plane and the flight crew delighted me with a cupcake). It was lovely to be so profusely celebrated!

Followed you home from WPM. All the best on your writing/work/demands of life. :-)