Monday, July 23, 2007

$66 ***updated***

I bought these on sale at EMS a month ago, and I am loving them. Mostly, I climb in a rock gym in West Midtown, mostly bouldering, which is short climbs (usually about 5-6 moves) without a harness or ropes (because it's not that high and there are crash pads beneath me).

I realize I may be giving my (three) readers the wrong impression.

The fact is, I am not a badass. I am not getting any younger. I am not a hard body. I do not love danger. Also, I am decidely not good at climbing. I do it because it is fun. Period.

If you want to try it (yes, you do, you do!) click here and then select your region. You'll tear your hands up and you'll feel like a buffoon, yes. But you'll also have fun.

The Crazy, Day Four: Upside: I ate the arugula and I ate the tuna. I also spend two and a half hours working out. Knees were wobbling when I left the gym. However, I also went out for dinner with Bibi and Sri (goodbye, remaining $27) and had a glass of wine. OK, two. Also, in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, I ate more tuna and sort of had a gin and tonic. Meh...


Woodrow said...

For the last post: Next time bite him back.

For this post: I live in BFE. Hours from the nearest rock climbing gym. I guess I could try it on the real thing, though.

Who am I? said...

Re: last post: You are a parent, no? You are correct... biting him back would have been the smart thing to do.

Re: climbing: I don't know if there is any good outdoor climbing in your area, but if you want to find out, google REI (if you are in the west) or EMS (if you are in the northeast). Both stores can give you some idea where to start. (And thank you for stopping by).