Monday, July 30, 2007


I bought this little gem before the Morocco trip because my friends threatened me with bodily harm should my luggage weigh more than thirty pounds.*

Take a closer look:

How many times have you been packing a bag and trying NOT to trade up to that bigger bag that you dread dragging around the airport when you realized that you couldn't fit your stupid hairbrush into any of the remaining spaces?

Well, ok. Perhaps your answer is zero... but let me tell you, if you have hair half way between your bra strap and your butt, ignoring hair maintenance can land you in mysteries and complications that could take weeks to unravel; you might think things are going well, only to discover a frikkin' leprechaun in the tangle of stuff behind your head, right back there where you do not have eyes.**

It's an efficient little piece of equipment, is all I am saying. Definitely get one if you have hair.

If you don't, the pocket mirror is also excellent.

* Larry, mostly. But Pax too.

**Hair, butts, complications, a semi-colon (sexiest piece of punctuation ever) and a leprechaun (ok, ew) all happening in the same sentence? Perhaps I ought to notice, uh, my own composition strategy and, uh, infer a little something from it. Like that perhaps it's time to tango? Oh, I don't know. ('cept I do).

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