Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Vacation Recap, Part One, or "Watch out for the ceiling"

Lately, Bibi, Sri and I have had so much more than enough of Larry's grossness to make leaving the country for a short vacation necessary. So on Friday, we flew into the Bahamas for a 4 night, 4 day weekend of playing on the beach, snorkeling, drinking, gambling, dancing, whatever. Pretty much all of that happened, and we had a great time.


We have a mystery, one that I would like help solving:

Take a good look at this photograph. Yes, I realize that it appears to have been taken by a drunk person with a cell phone camera the morning after a tequila binge. But focus, please. What is wrong with this picture?

Could it be... let's see. Could it be the green shiny paper party horn sticking out of the top of my bag? The one I have never seen before? The one that, ahem, no matter how much tequila I ingested the night before, there is NO WAY I could have simply picked up at random and tucked into my bag? But there is was, bright and early Sunday morning. Just as you see it here.

Reader, I have a theory about the party horn, but it requires a bit of back-story involving a construction worker named Rodrigo, a pair of sopping wet sneakers, and approximately three drops of half and half. Or was that milk? No, idea really. Before I pose my theory, however, I'd like to solicit your opinions as to how this could have happened. Emails and comments welcome. (And please, don't hurt my feelings by sending me an email about my drinking issues, or the ugliness of my handbag, or my love of talking to strangers. I know very well that I suck at life. But let's talk about that another time).

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