Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sin of the Week, 7/8/07

The worst thing I did this week was sneak Bibi and Sri into the climbing gym. We spent a few minutes standing in the vestibule talking, so the check in guy got distracted and forgot to ask them to pay for their day passes. I (being the paying member of the gym) should have reminded him so that the gym would get paid and so that we would not be STEALING, but I didn't.

Close runner up: About three seconds after I got a text message from Pax, letting me know that Larry was home safely from his recent Mont Blanc climb, I texted him to ask him if he had summited, even though I already knew he had not. I did this partly because in spite of my hatred of Larry, I have a tiny bit of love for Larry, and partly because I am a just a little bit mean and I already know that he did not summit, and I loved the idea of him having to try to text me back saying that he didn't summit because I know how bad he wanted it and how much he will dislike telling me that he did not make it. And no, the fact that he was forcibly turned back by the guides due to the weather does not matter, not to him. It's a yes or no question, and I know he is crushed.

Now that I think about it, the runner up is the winner. That text message was mean. The fact that he hasn't answered it yet assures me that it had the effect I was (meanly) going for.

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