Thursday, July 10, 2008


I leave for Tanzania in two and a half weeks. I haven't got much in the way of training done lately and I feel thick and ordinary. Which, of course, I am.

You might have caught that little whiff of pancreas worry on Monday. I haven't heard back from the doctor and I haven't thought much about it since. I assume she'll let me know if something looks not right in the blood work. Right?

Whatever. I do have to go get one more vial full of germs shoved into my arm before I leave; if there's evidence you've been hanging around in east Africa, you can't get back into the special happy place called the United States without evidence that you're immune to yellow fever. I need to get on it. Blech.

Wouldn't it be nice if my blog lost its medical theme, even for just a day?

Yeah, I think so too. Tomorrow I'll get back on the 100 things business and try not to mention anything medical or even medicinal.

Happy and excellent Thursday to you.


P said...

The good thing about the Yellow Fever jab is that once you're up to date, you don't have to get another one for about a jillion years.

Finn said...

Don't want to be a worrywart, but call the doctor. No news is not necessarily good news. Things fall through the cracks. Call.

sybil law said...

Why are you going to Tanzania?! I must've missed something. Sounds cool, though!
Minus the shot, although I am pretty sure a shot beats the hell out of Yellow Fever.

M@ said...

maybe you'll find a man there. ahahahahaha!

Have fun. Sounds like a great trip.

cajunvegan said...

You have a happy day too.

Annie said...

I am so happy your dad got through it all and is such a hero. He is amazing! I am happy you are going on with getting ready for your trip, it will be good for you to get away.

Em said...

Happy Thursday to you too (even though it's Friday)!