Saturday, July 12, 2008


If you want to put them together, check out 1-10 and 11-20.

21) I never thought it would be easier to think of never statements rather than always statements. Just goes to show I am a negative as I always suspected.

22) I once broke into a church. Oh darn. Make that twice. I did it once in college, which I really can't explain except my friends were really high and they wanted to do something bad. Well, we did it and it was bad. We didn't get caught. The second time I broke into a church it was technically a lock in. My former boyfriend and I were at a party on the roof of the church and gosh, then things got confusing. We had too much to drink and go the bright idea to walk down the back steps which lead not into the street but directly behind the altar. Once we figured out where we were it was all kinds of pretty and dark with only a few banks of candles to light the place. Then we realized we were locked in. Try fighting with your boyfriend in a darkened church and really not wanting to be heard. (Much better not to fight). We found our way out to the side doors by the light of my cell phone and then figured out how to unbolt the door. We didn't get caught, but we did leave a bona-fide cathedral unlocked all night. (Go ahead and notice how terrible a thing that is).

23) I re-confirmed yesterday what everyone around here already knows: I hate raw onions. I really, really hate them. Some of them accidentally made it onto my sandwich yesterday and I had to throw the entire thing out because it was onioned by association and entirely inedible.

24) I really do love plain non-fat yogurt with wheat germ and almonds. I know you all don't get that, well, I understand. You never did understand why I don't like bacon, either.

25) I haven't heard from my dad or anyone in contact with him in three days now. Yo ho ho.

26) It seems cruel that I have to do stair workouts when it's so pretty outside. But I have to. There is no way around it if I want to have a shred of a chance at summiting Kilimanjaro. In 2.5 weeks. Damn...

27) I got my eyes tested yesterday and discovered that my vision is significantly improved in both eyes. The doctor could not not explain this, but did ask me if I had been tested for diabetes. "Why, yes," I said. "Last week." Only I never did hear back from that blood test. I'll call on Monday.

28) I used to be so fastidious about my hair that I'd get it cut once a month. Last few years, I have made it into the hair place twice a year, tops. I am just guessing, but does this mean I have let myself go? Or just that I don't really care how long my hair gets anymore? Let's go with that: my hair is almost down to my waist and I just don't care.

29) Back in a former obsession, I did the Ashtanga primary series six days a week. I was made of metal. (And boobs, but whatever). I miss it sometimes but it is hard to picture going back to it now. Perhaps I should. Perhaps.

30) I need some guest bloggers for July 27 - August 1st. Comment if you'd like to help me out. If I get more than six volunteers, I will pull names out of hats.

Happy Saturday.


Catherine said...

You don't like bacon!!! Did I read that right, you do not like bacon!? Do you know what that means? It means that I am not the only human being on planet Earth who does not like bacon! I feel significantly less alone in the world, now.

I am presuming on relatively short acquaintance here in even offering, but please know that I would be more than happy to guest blog for you.

Avitable said...

I'll be your huckleberry.

Kate P said...

Metal and boobs: I think that would've qualified you to be one of the X-Men or something.

I can guest post if you need.

nicoleantoinette said...

I seriously need to start doing yoga.

nightfly said...

Count me in for a guest post, if you like.

Maggie said...

Guest-blogging? Sure! It will even inspire me to do some more of my own blogging.

P said...

I will throw in my oar as well, if you still need guest bloggers... said...

I'll guest blog.