Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It just went by

Yesterday, that is. There were many phone conversations and much drama brokering and a lot of tears and wringing of useless hands and we are all still... here.

Did you know that the human brain is numb? That it cannot feel pain? That a person can be wide awake during brain surgery because hey -when a person is cutting around in your brain, it does not hurt in the least? Do I need to point out the kind of pain that no medical intervention can dull is a produced in the one organ of the body with... no ability to feel?

(You are supposed to be laughing right now. If you are not, please begin).

Wander over there to the right side-bar and start following me on Twitter if you want moment to moment updates on the BSMP (Big Scary Medical Problems) of my dad. I am not going to post about them anymore because I just don't want to and at least in THIS tiny little vaporous non-entity, I get my way.

Moving on then: Last night I did stairs (am I even going to Africa???) and then I went to the gym and climbed. The first route I finished was a VO bouldering route called "Call the doctor" and the second route I finished was a 5.5 top-rope route called "Use the other foot" - I am not kidding.

Lately, I feel really extra double sure that God invented sarcasm and uses it liberally for his own amusement. I became even more sure of it when I went to the bar after climbing and the bartender comped us shots of his own creation - shots he calls "Legless Irishman" and the fortune cookie I opened - much, much later in the evening, read "No one progresses while standing still."

Ahem, God? I realize you are in charge of everything, including funny. But no one I know is laughing.



P said...

You must go. You MUST. Really and truly.

LizB said...

I hope you go to Africa. You need it.

Miss Britt said...

See, I am a sick bitch. Because I would have been laughing so hard I'd have peed on the bar stool.

But then, I am kind of unhealthy like that.

Kate P said...

I'm just relieved the shot was called "Legless Irishman" and the climbing route was called "Call the Doctor," and not the other way around. That'd be really bad. (Come on, you know you want to laugh at that.)

It almost makes me determined to get to Heaven just so I can understand the Divine Sense of Humor.

Finn said...

Um, yeah. I'd be peeing right next to Britt.

M@ said...

No one progress while standing still.

That, I believe whole heartedly. It's good to keep moving.

imaginary binky said...

Go to Africa so that I can live vicariously through you. Also, I request that you hug a baobab tree, or at least a shea nut tree.

Good vibes sent your way for your dad. I sure do know a thing or five about dads in peril.

sybil law said...

I laughed.
And now I am going to stalk you on Twitter! You asked for it!