Friday, July 25, 2008

Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams

Hi, all, Maggie here posting for our delicious Nina in her regrettable absence.

Looks like we've already covered life, death, marriage and stick figures. (My figure being far from stick-like, I'm particularly glad that Avi has that one covered.) I also found it interesting that Julie met her ex-husband in Ireland, because that's where I was when my grandmother died. See, everything is connected, there is only one theme, and that theme is BLOGGING!

(as Hemingway rolls over in his grave...)

Julie's post really moved me, because I'm in a bit of a mid-life crisis at the moment. 37, unwed, really wanting baby badly, ridiculously single, fabulous boyfriend who loves me but whom I don't want to marry, surrounded by couples, flying solo.

I had a great time with the boy last weekend. Truly fabulous. He's a smart, creative interesting darling who worships the ground I walk on. And maybe I don't deserve him, so I've been beating myself up all week. Julie's words of encouragement couldn't have come sooner.

You know what should have come sooner? My egg. You betcha, I had another insemination last Friday. Went straight from stirrups to airport to Seattle, do not pass go. Earlier in the week would have been nice, but the egg is on its own schedule, unfortunately. My Ob/Gyn thought it was hysterical that I inseminated with Donor 11241 right before I was seeing the BF and could have gotten it for free... and that brings us right back to Julie's Do Not Settle mandate.

See, everything *is* circular. And the circle might just be one of Nina's magnificent breasts. I mean, last year this gorgeous woman somehow found my blog, started commenting, was all supportive and enthused about my impregnation efforts, brought me other supportive readers through the sheer force of her enthusiasm ... and then made me mittens to boot! Now here we all are, strangers bound by our love for that blonde goddess, finding support in each other as we pitch in to keep her boat afloat in her absence. What a beautiful, close-knit bunch on a circular needle.


Finn said...

Can I tell you how much I love that you are trying to get pregnant by an anonymous sperm donor when you have a boyfriend that loves you? That is so something I would do (now, not back when I actually could have a baby, but still).

The last lines are, without a doubt, the best ones.

Julie said...

I'm sitting here wondering if you caught the egg.

Do we know yet?