Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do what you do (just do it at 3)

Or if you live out west, at 2 or at noon.

Remember how over the weekend I guest posted for Lisa at Clusterfook, and in that guest post, I asked all of you to pray even if you are not a praying type? And then as if I were a professional extortionist, I shook you all down for $5 to help Lisa keep her household running during her cancer treatments?

Lisa is having her CT scan this afternoon at 3pm to see if they chemo she had last week did any good shrinking those tumors. Since her procedure is at 3pm, I hereby re-request prayers, good thoughts, waves of light - whatever you are into - and if you are not into any of those things, drinking. Either pray for Lisa, or have a glass of something tasty at 3pm (juice boxes count) in honor of Lisa.

I'll post more stuff later, when I am finished dreaming up my "always" list.


Nina (I still don't know how my dad is).


Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Sorry that you aren't getting updates on your dad.

Annie said...

Will do :-). I think with your dad, no news is probably good news at least I hope so.

Joel said...

I didn't see this till almost 5 your time, but I'm praying anyway. I figure a God who can make cancer go away probably isn't going to be stymied by a silly anachronism.

Make sure you let us know how it went!

Jennifer said...

damn i missed three... but i'm thinking of her and hoping she got the BEST news possible. :)

sorry to hear you haven't heard about your dad!! can we go with the no news is good news thing?? i hope so.

best wishes for lisa and for you and your dad.

lots of love!!

Kate P said...

I'm late to the prayer request--or early, perhaps, b/c I prayed for her during Adoration at lunchtime on Tues. Hoping for good news all around.