Sunday, October 26, 2008

How 'bout

I haven't made the drawings yet. I am not yet organized. Rest assured that I am tucked into my new place and when I find myself able, I will write about the move process and talk more about what it is like to live here. Meanwhile, let me say only that I feel immensely better. (In case you missed it, I was feeling unwell, recently). In the interest of maintaining something like interest, I post herewith a picture of... well, it's not my neighborhood. But it's New York City, which is everyone's neighborhood if you know which way to turn your feet.

I am on the road tomorrow, but I will post from there.


Catherine said...

Looking forward to the drawings, thanks for the pic. I love that neighborhood! I'll figure out which way to turn my feet, I bet. Not too terribly long now before I get there.

sybil law said...

I am so glad things are calm.
Drawings!!! please! :)

LizB said...

Wow, what a great shot! The clouds are amazing. This is your shot? Awesome.

Catherine said...

*taps on mic* is this thing on, okay:


Wherefore art thou? No pressure, but you should know that I and I'm sure a whole boatload of other peeps are poking our heads around corners wondering where Nina is (and maybe, just possibly, perhaps, developing juuuust a trace of concern despite recent proclamation of fine-ness).

Again with the no pressure, you write when you feel like it. I'm just sayin'. You're missed.