Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whatever, already

After hauling boxes and enduring the sneers of the entire staff of my building, I decided that I am going to take another week to move my remaining possessions over to the new house. I have to work and it's unavoidable, as is the chagrin of my building's entire staff if I don't sneak my remaining possessions out in back packs and duffle bags. I can only do so much in a day, and after the unbelievable stress of the last two weeks, I just can't deal with any more - any more sneers, any more boxes, any more nasty cab drivers and certainly not any more work terrorism.

I don't know what has happened to me - I used to be able to just roll with whatever came my way. The person I have become has a brain like a chicken wing and the nervous system of a rabid monkey. I have to slow down, or I will be left with nothing but the paper slippers at Belleview and a handful of medicine that no longer works unless I take three times the maximum daily dose.

Having said all that, let me apologize to all the people I have let down in the last few weeks. My blog has not been fun to read and I owe other obligations to people I shall not name - you know who you are... and I have no excuse for myself except the above chicken-wing-monkey situation. I'll be my old self again someday. Try November, maybe.



P said...

Oh Nina, you have to go easy on yourself. Grief + Stress = Brain Mush. It will pass. You will feel like yourself again. You may not feel lovable and amusing, but you are! We love you.
Big hug, P.

M@ said...

I am so disappointed w/ you. I sexpected more.

Catherine said...

Amen to P! What she said, plus more hugs and love.

Tracy Lynn said...

When the meds stop working they generally try electric shock therapy. Just sayin'.

Annie said...

First, a big hug, many hugs. Then- why in world do you care how the staff feels? What does it matter? Who cares? They have little to do with your life. I say do whatever you need to do for you.
Next question-how in tarnation do you have time to blog?

sybil law said...

I think you're handling things better than a lot of people I know, and their stress is silly shit.
You are awesome, but I'm glad you're taking more time to move out. It's HARD and it SUCKS to move, much less without all you've been dealing with!

Kate P said...

You've been living out some of the top stressful things in a person's life for a while now. The only thing you owe us right now is accepting our support & prayers, O.K.? Be kind to yourself, please. :)

ricki said...

I agree with p. You've been through a HELL of a lot these past few months, more than enough to give a person chicken-wing brain.

From my end of things, you seem to be dealing very well with it.

I hope things get better very soon.