Thursday, October 9, 2008

Memo to Jesus

To: Jesus Christ 
From: Nina, swears-a-lot
Re: Jewishness 

Today, Jesus Christ, I write to thank you for being your lovely perfect self, but also for being Jewish and for making Judaism such an integral part of world culture.  While I realize that after your torturous and unmerited execution, others created a new religion (or, like, hundreds) based on your teachings, if it were not for Judaism and its lovely importance, there would be no such thing as Yom Kippur - and I would not have the night off from teaching, and I would be cramming my face to with Xanax to finish the other work I have to do for my other jobs, work that is so very pressing that I am literally shaking in my chair.  

Regarding other matters, events, and unpleasantness related to myself and my ever shrinking circle of loved ones, I think you know I have some opinions and beliefs that need careful reflection and possible modification before we can speak of them.  (Read: I am pissed.   Why did you let this happen to my family?)  Expect further official communication regarding same at a later date, when my spiritual situation is more suitable for discussion of these matters.

Sincerely (we'll get to love issue later.  Probably much.),



Annie said...

Nina, I adore you, but I have to say that blaming Jesus for what is happening is not fair :-). Blaming
anyone is not productive(okay, you can blame the stepmother a little).
There I said it, my rant is over.

Catherine said...

My first gut reaction here was a question, and keep in mind it could very well be misguided, but here it is: Wouldn't your spiritual situation be on its way to better, if only you began that discussion? One time on the ferry this Christian lady was going around with a Bible and she approached this haggard ol' biker guy. He said, "Listen lady, me and God ain't on speakin' toims, K?" And she said, "Yes, that IS okay; God 'gets' that. God 'gets' you turning your back, and whatever reasons caused you to do that. Just know He is there, ever behind you, whether you ever return or not." The dude actually softened and spoke with her a bit. I don't know whether that could mean anything for you right now, but I thought I'd share that.

P.S. I updated my Blogger profile :)

sybil law said...

See, all I can think is, you take Xanax to get work done? Xanax makes me sleepy!
You can say what you want to Jesus.
But you have a circle of love widening right here on the internets, right?
(That last sentence is so sweet and schmaltzy it makes me ill to read it. But it's true!)