Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last night in the Gothic Castle

I graded papers and packed all day. Tonight is my last night living here:

Of course it doesn't look like this right now. It is half empty and stacked with boxes and battered furniture. Tomorrow morning I have to finish packing the kitchen and then I have to track down a few more boxes to shove books into. Gah. The good news is that I have passed beyond stressed and freaking out and settled into a lovely hypnotic "who cares" kind of mood that I hope lasts until morning. (It probably will not).

I would post pictures of the new place if I had authorization from Newsy, but I feel it would be an invasion of her family's privacy.

Rest assured, however, that I will post tomorrow night from the new place and try to say something funny about the moving process. I would feel more nostalgic about leaving here if it were not for the fact that this apartment has been the scene of a lot of __________. The new place, no matter what its challenges, is full of good people and in the long run I will be okay there. And moving puts a tidy demarcation line between then and now.

Until now gets here, feast your eyes on... oh, whatever. Here is a picture of me before I was crazy. I was cuter then, but I was also less emotionally seasoned. On the other hand, I still look pretty much like that except for the aging process, which.... oh, let's just let that idea drift away without further comment.

See you tomorrow from the new (and undisclosed) location.



Catherine said...

Yeah the demarcation thing, that's a silver lining. It's a chapter heading in a nice bold typeface. Hugs and love and thinking of you and wishing i could be there helping and all that good stuff. But especially, a cheery toast to your new chapter.

Dagny said...

Good luck with the new place.

Change can be good.


Annie said...

It's a fresh start. Good luck with the move!XOXO

Avitable said...

Good luck. (hugs)

Maggie said...

Yay for a fresh start, a new chapter, a commencement! I wish you all good things in your brand spanking new home, new life, new future.
And I'm so glad you were able to postpone moving for a few days, to give you time to do it right.

Maggie May said...

As you said, I think this will be good for you in the end.

Also...you were/are adorable!

tiff said...

Moves can be cathartic. Best of luck making this next new big adjustment. Here's hoping it's the LAST for a long time.

sybil law said...

I love the old picture! Super cute.
Good luck. Hope you're so exhausted you sleep deep and dreamless tonight. :)

nicoleantoinette said...

Good luck with the last of the move! Um, and you were super cute :) But crazy is cuter, no?

(that's what I tell myself at least...)

Kate P said...

You sound way more coherent than I ever was during a move. You're on your way to what I hope will be a real sanctuary for you. :)

Love the photo of the Patroness of the Arts!

Anonymous said...

good, i just made lots of some other new emo backgrounds for my blog