Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The pain of chickens

Here I am, up all night grading papers and willing myself not to give up and fail at my job.  

I am, at midnight, still grading, and I click on a submitted paper and find that a student has written a paper entitled "Chickens have a hard life."

Well, I'll be damned.  I had no idea that chickens were suffering so gravely, but guess what?   

I get to stay up for at least another hour and learn all about... the pain of... chickens. 



PS.  Dear Lord Jesus, in another life, could I be a chicken so that I might be merely uncomfortable rather than in possession of free will and a conscience?  That'd be  great.  Thanks. 


Finn said...


Ryan said...

Being a chicken isn't all that great. How could you scratch your back? There are chickens that have had itches that last upwards of 14 months.

P said...

I want to be an exotic chicken that looks remarkably like Rod Stewart.

Hang in there, babycakes. Enormous hug to you.

utenzi said...

Chickens do have a hard--and short--life. And they taste so good!

sybil law said...

Chicken will also eat their own poop. True story.

Kate P said...

I will have to do my part of putting a chicken out of its misery. . . Chick-fil-A, here I come.