Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well, make that $1404 if you add two cab rides and a can of diet soda to the tab... ahem... $1404 later, I now have a sixth computer.

Yeah. This New York City schoolteacher has sixth computers. How is that possible?

I'll tell you.

The first and oldest is a Compaq desktop that hasn't been out of the closet since I moved here. I don't know what to do with it. The second is a Fujitsu Lifebook that I bought during my "Oh my God I am turning 30 and I am losing my shit and I guess I better write a novel" flip out. The third is the Powerbook G4 I bought when I moved to New York. It lived three months - and died only because I was riding an Amtrak train one day and happily working when the train slammed on the breaks - and consequently slammed my skull straight into the monitor. That's right, people. I broke it with my skull. The fourth one is the PowerBook G4 17" wunderkind I bought shortly thereafter. It lived four years - until the CD driver broke about six months ago. It, too was functioning (sort of) until last night, when it chose to sound like a squirrel in a well just like computer five, which is right now as we speak undergoing surgery to install a new hard drive. I expect to get it back in three days. But can a person who works from home be offline for three days? Not so much. Also, I signed up for Blog365, which y'all know I take far more seriously than my job.

A sixth computer was clearly in order.

Computer six is an iMac with wireless mouse and keyboard. Thus far, we are friends. If this one fails, however, I am taking a direct flight back to Morocco, hiring a safari to take me to the Sahara, and walking straight into the desert to live among the nomadic sand people. The. end.


Em said...

Well, then I certainly hope it does not fail.

Oh...dear me said...

I hope your iMac will live forever!

Dan said...

I have a severe craving for an iMac

LAS said...

I am relieved to know that you don't have 6 working computers - because if you did, well, I might have thought you strange. I really want a new Mac. I have an old iBook - but hmm, it's probably oh, 7 years old. Crap, is that possible? But it still works great. I would freak out if I lost all connection for 3 days.

Effortlessly Average said...

Hey, if you do see the nomadic sand people, tell Numjala Mic I said hi and I'm still not marrying his daughter, no matter how many camels he's worth.

Nina said...

Em, the desert thing? I kind of mean that. I loved the desert. The people were fun. It was hot and everything but it was still better than having seven computers.

Oh dear me, thank you for stopping by. It had better live forever. I can't afford anymore computers. I think I might have already purchased my lifetime limit.

Dan, they are not that expensive, as Macs go. Get one, maybe?

LAS, if your MAC is seven years old, you are due for a new one. Maybe celebrate your recent good news by splurging a little?

EA, I'll tell him, but you should know he has weaponry in addition to camels. Oh an he has mules, too. She might be a good match for you after all.

bermudabluez said...

I can relate. I think I would die if I was "disconnected". We who have come to rely so heavily on our blogging. Hope your MAC lasts forever and ever. I know people that swear by them. I have never owned one. I do have a Fujitsu Lifebook and a couple of Dells that keep me sane.

didi said...