Monday, February 11, 2008

Three kinds of sad and a cupcake

Everything was going fine until I realized that there was no way I'd have time to clean out the fridge, bleach it, and re-supply it. I realized I was going to end up eating take out for dinner. So I got sad.

Then I was transferring all my CDs to my new machine and I realized that Ok, Computer, Where'd You Hide the Body, and It's Takes a Nation were all missing from my stash.

Then I got really sad.

Then I decide to counteract the sad by running up and down the stairs for half an hour. I did. I lamented that I am even more out of shape than I ever dreamed possible.

Sadness increased.

So I had a beer and put the Everest DVD into my machine and then minimized it so I could still work. I watched people climb. It was not cheering me up. I couldn't decide what to eat for dinner because I didn't want hot wings or Chinese or cheeseburgers. I watched more climbing and I got sad sad sad because I am never going to climb Everest and I can barely run the stairs in my building and where is OK, Computer and no one should be without James McMurtry and Flav-a-flav is an ass-hat but I like that CD and why can't I be stronger in the femur and run some more stairs and my toes are all wrong and I hate my new hair and my rings are tight and at least there's Yankee Bayonet but.. but... but... fuck it all. Where are the cupcakes?

(I didn't eat the cupcakes). (But I did have a cookie and a rollicking good time feeling sorry for myself for no reason).

Happy Monday.


country roads said...

I had the food dilemma yesterday too...which drove me undoubtedly insane for some reason. I think it's the weather. Yeah, that's it.

DumDiDum said...

And then, suddenly, everything's ok. For no reason at all, suddenly, you feel like you're probably one of the happiest people around. Because of the lovely folks around you and what you get to spend your free time doing and because you didn't look that bad in the mirror this morning and the trousers suddenly don't seem so tight around the waist anymore. Or maybe you've just worn them until they stretched too much. But suddenly, you don't care. And then - suddenly - it all seems like the end of the world again. As I said to my Prince Charming yesterday "I am allowed to be irrational - I'm a woman". And I don't care if that's not the correct feministic thing to say. Because noone's really rational anyway.

Woodrow said...

It's ridiculously cold and there is no oxygen up there anyways.

Finn said...

People die on Everest. There is no air up there. And it's cold. Go to Hawaii instead.

Must be something in the air; I've caught the sad too. xo

Sturdy Girl said...

You have every right to be sad. Ok Computer is gone. I'm feeling down now too. I'm going to go home and hug my copy so that it never ever leaves me.

nicoleantoinette said...

I've been having some sad days too lately. And I did in fact eat a cupcake last night!

Julie said...

I got sad this morning because DH used one of my 2 absolute favorite mugs. He left me with a substandard mug with which to drink my then substandard coffee.

It blew.

Crystal said...

Girl, don't be sad that you didn't last on climbing those stairs, I can't even last 5 minutes on em! But I have to say, the cupcakes are making me hungry for them, now I must go find some! Hope you have a better day sweet;o)

utenzi said...

I strongly suspect, Nina, that had I been there I'd have been quite enthusiastic about your stair climbing efforts. i hope you had a good workout.

Rick said...

I have OK computer (and all the radiohead you could ever want, including some live bootlegs and their newest In Rainbows). I don't have James McMurty or I Takes a Nation, however, I do have Revolverlution, Fear of a Black Planet, Yo Bum Rush the Show, and The Millennium Collection: Best of Public Enemy, All for your music loving needs if you'd like to stage a drop. (Also, about 90+ more gigs of music on my computer. Most are from friend's cd collections. My poor, poor, cd drives)

I won't be climbing Everest in this lifetime (at least, not that I am aware of), so I can't help you there.

I do some mean baking, so if you ever want a cupcake to call you names so you get angry enough to eat it and then are pleasantly surprised when your anger dissolves into deliciousness, lemme know.

Stay bundled and indoors, it's too cold outside.

Dan said...

Sir Edmund Hilary climbed everest and he just died! You've had a lucky escape there!

Hope the Radiohead album turns up down the back of the couch.

I'm having peanut butter sandwiches for my tea tonight.

Mr. Fabulous said... is NOT easy being you, is it?

My Reflecting Pool said...

You can run up and down your stairs for half an hour? WOW. My butt hurts at the thought of getting off the couch. Wheres my cupcake?

Kate P said...

Commiseration: I can't find my Mates of State CD. The Muppets/John Denver Christmas CD is in the case instead.

Recommendation: Listen to Christopher O'Riley's classical piano interpretations of Radiohead and chill out. (From someone who skipped working out last week and didn't turn into a marshmallow.)

cajunvegan said...

You feelin' blue?
The day is nearly over
Start breathin' again