Friday, February 8, 2008

Aveda 7N

$200 worth of hair cut, Aveda 7N, styling products and a facial later, here I am.

(It goes without saying I didn't have $200 to spend on my hair today).

But here I am, and with very little to say for myself except thank you for continuing to show up here for the masochistic siege of compulsory blog posting known as Blog365.

And so I send you to P, who has a new URL for her fabulous blog What Possessed Me and who has written a far better post today than I possibly could.

So go see P. Tomorrow, I will talk more about my pale, blond ordinariness. (Hint: it involves the Aveda 7N).

I love* you. But you already knew that.

(Have a good weekend).

*re: my love for you: like a stampede of wild horses, it is.


Anonymous said...

And we love you Nina.

Well, most of us. I can't speak for ALL of my personalities. ;o)

Enjoy the hair! No buyer's remorse for hair, do you hear me?

Sandy said...

Hmm. I have never spent $200 on my hair, but close! :D And I am debating a facial. should I? shouldn't I? Care to discuss?

P said...

Two hundred bucks for hair, etc. is far more therapeutic (and cheaper) than therapy, so worth it, I'd say.

I haven't had a facial either. It scares me to think of sullen slavs slaving over my skin. Is it nice?

Thanks you for your sweet comment about my spot. Yours is my east, my west, my noonday rest. xox, P.

Anonymous said...

I have to wait until the 29th to get my hair did. I'm envious. And a facial too. I really have to get me one of those.

Em said...

I will have to join the others and say that I have never had a facial either. Quite a shame, that is.

I have spent $200 on my hair before though. How the hell does that happen?

Anonymous said...

My gf gives me facials all the time... and that isn't some sick euphemism... really... facials... with massage and cleansers and oils, et al... Of course, she is an esthetician at one of the best resorts here so I guess she has to practice on someone who won't sue her...

Anonymous said...

"p" link doesn't work :(

clickmom said...

I am considering if I want to find out what aveda 7N is or if I want ot check back and wait for the surprise. It's a cliff hangar!

I try not to mess with my hair too much, it 's lovely when I don't push it, fried when I play too much.

Maggie said...

I actually think that $200 for a cut, AND color, AND facial, at a nice salon in Manhattan, is pretty reasonable. And you know hat the old L'Oreal ads said -- you're worth it!

UrbanHippieMama said...

we love you too. that's why we keep coming back.

Nina said...

Jen, Well I can't speak for all my personalities either. I think they each need their own blog at this point. I do like the hair, thank you. It's dark and stormy, but that's ok. I'll get used to it.

Sandy, why, yes! I do care to discuss. Getting a facial is one of the best things you can do for your skin. The problem is that they cost a whole lot of money. Where I live, the cheapest one is $100 - and you can easily spend $300 on add ons. Yeah. $400. But spending all that money is not necessary because the real name of the game with facials is extractions. Yes, it's gross. No, you won't like it. But the results are excellent and so far as having healthy skin goes, there's nothing better. So yes, get one if you can.

P, you have never had a facial, and yet you know that the only people to go to are the Eastern Europeans?? How did you know this, P? Well it's true. The slavs are the only people to trust with your skin and according to them, you should trust them with it once every six weeks. But according to me, 2-3 times a year is just fine. Is it nice? Not really. Some people enjoy getting a facial, but to me, it's rather like getting my teeth cleaned. Good results, but not so fun while it's happening. Totally do it if you can justify spending the money. (I clearly can because I go to the Aveda school).

cajunvegan, the 29th is a long way off. Maybe get a facial in the meantime?

Em, facials are good for your pores. Investigate. And you'll never hear a word from me about spending $200 on hair. I totally get that. (Obviously).

anon, link fixed!

clickmom, explanation up on Saturday. Also, there's nothing too bad about getting highlights now and then. It's when you double process hair that it gets fried. Mine gets highlighted or lowlighted twice a year and it's fine.

Maggie, it's actually pretty cheap. I went to Aveda school and got the 7N, cut, facial, shampoo, conditioner, hair goo and an hour massage for $200. So I am frivolous but also kind of thrifty, too.

Urbanhippiemama, What was that movie again? Love is everywhere? No no... it was Love, Actually. Good movie.

Speaking of love, everyone go check out Urbanhippiemama to see the cutest family ever.

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